Party Scherzer is the best Scherzer.

Best. Car. Ever.

Best. Car. Ever.

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I made a full recovery from last night so I decided to go to my home team’s ballgame tonight. No one came with me *tears* (no one ever DOES) but that’s okay. I got front row seats near 3rd and it was a B-E-A-U-ti-ful night. Planning on making it to a Tigers game next month. We’ll see. Fingers crossed.


Part of the fireworks show on the 4th. It was pretty sweet. We had the stadium fireworks going off in front and center and the city blowing theirs off to the right. All in all it was a great show. Thought they were a little heavy on the country—could have played more of The Boss—but there was a sweet turn out crowd and everything went smooth that night save for the gridlock traffic I got stuck in for half an hour afterward.

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